Genome-scale brain metabolic networks as scaffolds for mapping disease-related alterations

Our recent webinar on June 11st was given by Assoc. Prof. Tunahan Cakir from Gebze Technical University. In this session with high attendance, systems-wide analysis of cell metabolism and modeling networks at genome-scale were major topics. Focuses through the presentation were on 1) metabolism and interactions between neuron-astrocyte, two essential cell types in the brain, 2) mapping transcriptome data for neurodegenerative diseases using a graph-based approach termed reporter pathways, 3) constraint-based modelling of brain metabolic networks and flux balance analysis (FBA) for the metabolic evaluation of brain tumors.

If you missed the live session or you may want to watch it again, it is on the Youtube:

We appreciate this enlightening webinar and thank Dr.Cakir on behalf of our community!!


Student Symposium 2018

We are ready for our next event: Student Symposium 2018. Our event will be a satellite to HIBIT’18 and will take place in Antalya, a lovely city in Turkey. Check the details and register for free! Looking forward to seeing you all in Antalya!

Sıradaki etkinliğimiz için hazırız: 2018 Öğrenci Sempozyumu. HIBIT’18e uydu olarak düzenlenen bu etkinliğimiz Antalya’da gerçekleşecek. Detaylar ve ücretsiz kayıt için tıklayın! Antalya’da görüşmek üzere!!


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