Celebrating the BioInfoNet Project!

I met ISCB RSG Turkey guys in 2011 in the first student symposium which was held as a satellite meeting with HiBiT. I was working in a de novo genome project and it was my first time talking about a serious project as a graduate student at a symposium. Many of you can picture my anxiety. But things got better immediately: I met colleagues from Turkey!

Some of you may have difficulty understanding why it would be “that” important and pleasing to meet colleagues. Well…

If you live and study in a developing country and you are, almost, trying to study in a new research area, here’s your life’s new soundtrack: “All by myself”. Every single living thing in life needs a proper environment to become something. So, like a plant needs soil, water and light, becoming a scientist requires scientific environment.

So, as a living organism, I made colleague-taxis and became a part of the group. Then we found out that we needed another taxis movement towards real scientific talk. With this need, BioInfoNet Project was born. We wrote a proposal to the ISCB (International Society for Computational Biology) Student Council. They kindly supported us and here we are.

Today, as a student group, we have reach to roughly 250 people all around the world (and it is increasing). We have completed two beautiful webinars given by top notch researchers, which we were really pleased to participate. We are planning ahead for a student symposium and many more webinars.

We will make new taxis movements whenever needed. Join us. Communities are good :o)

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